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PCL Reconstruction

Arthroscopic Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) reconstruction is commonly done in patients with PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) tear injuries. PCL injuries are less common than ACL tear injuries and are seen as a association with multiligamentous injuries. PCL repairs are done in patients with bony avulsion injuries.

Once a PCL is torn, it cannot regenerate and it restricts the movement of the knee. PCL surgery allows in reconstruction of PCL and helps the patients in returning back to his normal lifestyle.


  • Unable to repair PCL tears
  • Painful swelling
  • Knee pain and popping
  • Knee giving out
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Preparation Time1 -2 Hours

Post Procedure Care1 Day

Procedure Duration1 Hour to 1:30 Hours

Back to Work1 Week

Approximate Cost *1.2 Lakhs

Est. Recovery Period4-5 Months

*Price shown is an estimate. Actual prices may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment.

How Is PCL Reconstruction Performed?

To keep your knee stable, four ligaments (LCL, MCL, ACL and PCL) act together in a hinge like position for you to move freely. In this process of reconstructing PCL tear, a tiny camera and a probe to inspect the damaged joint. A small shaver to remove the damaged area. A tunnel is created and hamstring grafts are taken, placed at the site of PCL and fixed with tight rope and screws. A new PCL will grow over the graft, restoring the person to normal health.

PCL Reconstruction Benefits

  • Pain Relief
  • Less Postoperative Pain
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Shorter Hospital Stay

Procedure Details

Preoperative Preparation:

Our team stands ready to provide you with a thorough examination and diagnosis so that if a procedure is needed; you will understand your options. Doctors perform routine tests, pre-anaesthetic check, and preoperative evaluation for a better postoperative pain management.

Choosing The Right Implant:

If you are a candidate for surgery, your Surgeon will determine the best type of implant (local or imported) that is right for you. Depending on the health of the patient and convenience, custom implants can also be provided. The types of implant required for this procedure are

  1. Titanium tight rope
  2. Biodegradable screws

Technology Used:

At Zoi we are one of the leading experts at pioneering in best arthroscopic equipments like FULL HD cymos (conmed, stryker, Karl-Storz) camera, Shaver systems (arthrex, conmed), Radiofrequency Ablators. These advanced technologies enables them to remove the damaged tissue with precision and insert the implant in the exact position.

Physiotherapy & Follow Up:

  • Physiotherapy is done in 2 sessions over 2 months with additional rehab for sportspersons
  • Full recovery after 6 months
  • Follow up at the 10th day for suture removal
  • Follow up at the end of 6 weeks, 3rd month and 9th month


A simple one to two hour PCL surgery to make sure you live pain-free till the end of time. After the procedure, long leg knee brace is applied for 6 weeks. You are made mobile immediately on the next day of the surgery.

Full recovery is when the patient is able to perform all of his or her activities independently, relatively pain free and able to drive own vehicle. Minimal pain may be present at the end of the first month. Ideally it would take 4-5 months for full recovery. Full recovery period varies from person to person depending on age.

PCL repair is carried out on a patient so that the damaged PCL is reconstructed. It is a minimally invasive surgery that is pain free and helps the patient to carry out daily activities independently. It helps to alleviate the dependency on painkillers and lead a happy life.

Once discharged the physical therapist follows the patient at home and guides through the process of rehabilitation.Physiotherapy is done in 2 sessions over 2 months with additional rehab for sportspersons.

Open procedure was the primary treatment before the invention of arthroscopy. In the last decade, arthroscopic PCL reconstruction has remained gold standard in treating PCL tears. The latest option of PCL reconstruction by All-In-Technique has become popular as it is gracilis sparing (only one graft required), cosmetic and has faster recovery. Zoi offers All-in-technique as well.

Doctors Who Perform PCL Reconstruction

Dr. Shyam Sunder Reddy Orthopaedic Surgeon

Expertise: MS Ortho, FRAS (Germany), Fellow in Shoulder & Sports Injury (USA)

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Dr. Bhupin Singh Bakshi Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Specialist

Expertise: DNB Ortho , FIAS Sports Medicine

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