Internal Medicine & Critical Care

Complete medical care

Zoi internal medicine and critical care department provide exclusive care to in and outpatient diagnostics services for patients with multiple diseases, nonspecific symptoms, and complex disease patterns. Our doctors provide specialized care after letting you know the best medical treatment plan that is suitable for you by understanding the A-Z of your problems.

Experts in treating the most complex medical conditions

Our expertise in this has helped us to provide a comprehensive care to restore you to your usual routine with minimum surgical interference. From diagnostics services, treatment, rehabilitation to all solving all complex medical conditions that you may face, we provide complete end-to-end care to ensure that you return home safe and with a healthy mind and body.

Internal Medicine

Zoi Internal Medicine department provides advanced primary care for all hospitalised patients sufferings from a wide range of ailments. The department is well-equipped to manage both acute and chronic care such as diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory infections and joint pain etc. All the Doctors are efficient and well-skilled in handling all diseases related to Internal medicine.

  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Old Age-Related Diseases
  • Immunology

Critical care

Our critical care departments provide immediate 24x7 care to patients in life-threatening conditions. Our expertise helps the patients with intensive medical interventions and life support system for all patients. Patients with particular organ failure are admitted to specific Critical care units for immediate comprehensive care.

  • Significant Blood Loss
  • Facial Trauma
  • Inability To Breathe
  • Heart Attack or Failure

Dr. Rahul Gandhi Internal Medicine Specialist

MBBS, MD internal medicine

Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin Internal Medicine & Critical Care Specialist

MBBS, MD Internal Medicine

Dr. Aasritha M. Internal Medicine Specialist

MD Internal Med

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