Wherever YOU are. YOU matter.

Every year, Zoi Hospitals treats hundreds of patients from around the world. We have established ourselves as a place of hope. And also as a facility offering international quality treatment for complex medical conditions to patients who are unable to find a suitable medical care at their home location.


No matter how far away you are from home, we'll ensure that you feel right at home, here at Zoi Hospitals

Zoi Hospitals is located at one of the prominent locations in Hyderabad. We have two branches and clinics across Hyderabad and all of them are conveniently located to both premium and affordable Hotels. Some of the few nearby accommodations include

  • The Park Hyderabad
  • Mercure Hyderabad KCP
  • Katriya Hotels and Towers
  • Hotel Inner Circle

For the convenience of all International patients, Zoi Hospitals, Attapur is situated close to the Airport which is just a 30 minutes drive. You can reach us via various transportation facilities available at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport or by a cab.

We understand that medical problems can strike your clock anytime. Our Hospitals run 24/7 to ensure that we can take care of all your medical needs and treat you with care at the time of your need.

At Zoi, we believe that everyone in this world should have access to the best healthcare solutions comprising of latest technologies and expert physicians. Our check-up plans and pricing of surgeries are built up in such a way that we do not financially burden you.

We understand that a surgery can cause pain and distress for a longer period of time. This is why we facilitate the lates use of technologies to ensure that your surgeries cause minimal pain so that you can be up and running in the least time possible. This is what made us bring in Orthopilot and other technologies to ensure surgeries are performed with proficiency and perfection.

To ensure that you experience as minimum pain as possible, we facilitate the use of latest equipment and facilities from multiple well-established manufacturers such as

  • Orthopilot
  • Arthrex and Stryker
  • Zimmer
  • Stryker 
  • Aria (GE)

At Zoi, we try our best to make you feel comfortable at home. We have various Doctors that speak multiple languages to ensure that you feel completely secure and the specialists could understand your problem well. As we are constantly expanding on the number of languages that our Doctors could speak, we also ensure that there are translators to make sure you feel comfortable.

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Hindi

Zoi offers world-class competent care with you in mind. Every time you meet the specialist at Zoi, we run you through several general and specific medical options to ensure that you come out fit and healthy after the treatment.


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Please submit all your details in the form. Once we get the information we require, we'll either send you a message or give you a call regarding admission.

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We offer comprehensive health check-up packages to check the overall functioning of different body systems. Below are more than 15 of the packages that we offer.

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