Limb lengthening and deformity correction

Bone deformities in your arms or legs can occur for a number of reasons, including congenital disorders, development disorders, metabolic disorders and traumatic injuries. The surgeons at Zoi’s orthopedic hospital specialize in replacing missing bone, lengthening or straightening, or to improve function and align the body when non-aligned.

Limb lengthening splits the bone and distracts (pull away from each other) the bone segments slowly so that new bone will grow in the gap. As the bone segments are distracted, the bone regenerates. The device that performs the lengthening is called a fixator.

Why get limb surgery?

This orthopedic procedure is predominantly used in cases of complex trauma when conventional plates are not enough. It can also be done when someone needs to be immobilized immediately or to correct malunited limbs, post injury.

Quick info

Preparation Time-

Post Procedure Care5 Days

Procedure Duration1 to 1.5 hours

Back to Work-

Approximate Cost *-

Est. Recovery PeriodVaries by person

*Price shown is an estimate. Actual prices may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment.

Your orthopedist will determine the need for the procedure and ascertain the fixators that are needed for you. Your medical fitness will also be checked. Dedicated planning with preoperative frame construction will be done and you will also be informed as to what kind of fixator will be used.

If you are a candidate for surgery, one of our orthopedic doctors will determine the best type of implant for you.

The following implant options are available:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon frame

This process works on the principle of distraction osteogenesis. The bone will be carefully cut by your orthopedic surgeon at the location that needs to be lengthened or straightened. As the bone begins to heal, the ends of the bone will slowly be moved apart until the overall bone reaches the required length.

Post-operative mobilization will have to be done regularly.

Routine care and dressing of the frame and pin tracts should be done by you and the attenders. Post-operation, you will not experience much pain. Routine care of the rings has to be done dedicatedly by you and the attendees.

You will be required to visit the hospital regularly for frame adjustments and regular follow-up checkups.


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