ACL Reconstruction (Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction/Repair)

ACL reconstruction is a surgery to replace a torn anterior cruciate ligament in either of the knees These injuries predominantly occur in sports that involve sudden stops and changes in direction such as basketball, football, and gymnastics.

Before arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) was developed, this surgery was commonly performed as an open procedure. Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is now the gold standard in treating ACL tears. The latest option for reconstruction is known as the All-In-technique. Since this is a minimally invasive surgery, one tendon graft is required here; it leaves little to no scarring and recovery time is faster than in conventional surgery.

Why get ACL surgery?

Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is commonly performed by orthopedic doctors in patients with ACL tear injuries. These injuries most commonly occur among sports persons and those who are in motorbike accidents. Arthroscopic repairs also can be done in patients with bony avulsion injuries.

Quick info

Preparation Time-

Post Procedure Care1 Day

Procedure Duration45 Mins to 1 Hour

Back to Work1 Week after discharge

Approximate Cost *1.2- 1.5 Lakh

Est. Recovery Period 4 to 5 months

*Price shown is an estimate. Actual prices may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment.

Routine blood, urine and cardiac tests as well as a pre-operative anaesthetic check up will be done before the surgery depending on your overall health.

If you are a candidate for ACL surgery, an orthopedic surgeon will determine the best type of implant for you. The following implant options are available:

  • Tight rope and screw (titanium/biodegradable)
  • Tight rope on both sides (All in Technique)

For all the implants, imported options are preferred as they have been observed to provide better results over local implants.

During ACL surgery, two grafts, i.e. hamstring grafts, patellar tendon or quadriceps graft from the same side are taken and prepared by your orthopedic surgeon. These will then be placed at the site of the ACL and fixed with a tight rope and screws.

In case of the All-In technique, only one graft is taken and minimal bone drilling will be done. Fixing will be done with tight rope on both ends.

Physiotherapy will begin on the day that the surgery is completed. Physiotherapy is essential for 1-2 weeks after the surgery. Then a rehabilitation program will be designed depending on your recovery. For sports persons, an individually customized physio programme will be designed depending on the type of sport played.

After the surgery, a long leg knee brace will have to be worn for 6 weeks.

Ten days after the procedure, you will be required to visit the hospital to get the sutures removed. Follow-up check ups will then be done after 6 weeks and then again at 3 and 9 months.

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