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  • Know how to deal with & overcome infertility | Dr Nazia Khanam, Dr A Maalavika & Dr Gowrineni Monica

    Live discussion on overcoming infertility with Dr Nazia Khanam, Dr Gow...

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  • Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and COVID: What you need to know

    Live discussion on managing diabetes and hypertension during the COVID...

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  • Coronavirus Patients Facing Health Issues

    Live with Doctor Dr. V.V Ram Narsimha Reddy for Coronavirus Patients F...

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  • Common Myths about Knee Arthritis

    Live with Dr Sanjay Tapadia and Dr. Ramesh Chandra Katragadda, Orthope...

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  • Common injuries in sports person and people with Active life styles.

    Live with Dr Bhupin Bakshi, Orthopedic Surgeon who is talking about co...

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  • How to protect your kid's eyesight

    Live with Dr Varsha Tapadia, Ophthalmologist talking about the protect...

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  • What is osteoporosis and what are its symptoms?

    Live with Dr Sanjay Tapadia, Orthopaedic Surgeon talking about osteop...

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  • Lets Talk,Heavy Bleeding and Fibroids

    Dr Swarna Sree and Dr Nikhitha Reddy, Obstetricians & Gynaecologist an...

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  • What's the best posture to avoid neck pain?

    Live with Dr Ramesh Chandra, Orthopaedic and Rahul Shyam, Physiotherap...

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  • Back pain?

    Live with Dr Ramesh Chandra Katragadda, orthopaedic at Zoi Hospitals, ...

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  • Is my weight gain because PCOD?

    Our expert Dr. Swarna Sree and Dr. Keerthana, Obstetrician And Gynaeco...

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