Endoscopic spinal surgery / MISS (Minimally invasive spinal surgery)

A herniated disk, also called a slipped disk, ruptured disk, bulging disk or disk prolapse puts pressure on the nerves of the spine. This occurs when some of the soft material inside the disk pushes out through a crack in the tougher exterior..

A herniated disk in the lower back that pinches a nerve may cause severe leg pain, numbness or weakness. To relieve these symptoms, the whole disk or a part of the disk is surgically removed in a procedure called a discectomy.

Why get spinal surgery?

You may be required to undergo a Spine Surgery if you have trouble standing or walking because of nerve weakness, conservative treatments such as physical therapy or steroid injections don't help improve symptoms after 6 to 12 weeks or pain radiates into your buttocks. Endoscopic/Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is done through a tiny vs a big incision. The skin and tissue interfered with is minimal.

Quick info

Preparation Time-

Post Procedure Care2-3 Days

Procedure Duration1-2 Hours

Back to Work2 Weeks

Approximate Cost *80000-100000 Lakh

Est. Recovery Period6-8 Weeks

*Price shown is an estimate. Actual prices may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment.

Once the decision to go ahead with surgery is made, our anesthesia care team will do a thorough preoperative evaluation to plan your general anaesthesia and post-operative pain management. Routine blood, urine and cardiac tests as well as a pre-operative anaesthetic check up will be done before the surgery.

For the spinal surgery, you will be positioned face-down and a small incision (sometimes less than 1 inch) will be made by your orthopedic surgeon over the location of the herniated disk. The orthopedist will then insert a retractor and remove a small amount of the lamina bone. This will provide them with a view of the spinal nerve and the disk. The surgeon will then carefully retract the nerve and remove the damaged disk. This minimally invasive technique can also be used for herniated disks in the neck.

Physiotherapy will be customized according to the individual. In most cases, physical therapy will be started 2 to 6 weeks after surgery.

After completion of the procedure, you will be under the care of your intensivist, operating orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist and dietician. Pain control measures are started immediately and gradual rehabilitation towards recovery is supervised by the team to ensure that you are discharged in a stable condition by the end of second or third day of your hospital stay

You will be required to visit the hospital 2 weeks after the procedure. Follow-up check ups will then be done at 1 and 3 months, and then again after 1 year.

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The orthopedic surgeons in Zoi’s Orthopedic and Traumatology department specialize in spinal surgery to treat spinal pain and spinal injuries, alongside the top orthopedic hospitals in Hyderabad.

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Zoi's orthopedic surgeons provide comprehensive care and are amongst the top professionals for Endospine/Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Hyderabad. Our orthopedic clinic is one of the best in the city for treating orthopedic issues.

Dr. J. MADHUSUDAN RAO Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBBS (KMC, Mangalore), D ortho (Davangere), M Ch (Ortho), USAIM

Dr. Hemachand Balla Orthopaedician

D Ortho, DNB Ortho

Dr. Satish Devabhaktuni Orthopaedician Surgeon

D Ortho, MCh Ortho

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Katragadda Orthopaedic Surgeon

M.S.Ortho (Bom), D Ortho (CPS Bom) DNB Ortho


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