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Urology & Nephrology

Expert medical care for best clinical outcomes

Zoi has a team of doctors that adhere to world-class diagnostic & treatment services to several urinary tract and kidney related problems. We have experienced urologist and nephrology that have thorough knowledge of kidney and urinary organs of both sexes and genital organs of men.

The department at Zoi is supported by experienced and accomplished urologists and nephrologists who can provide medical treatment to urinary tract infections, Nephrectomy, Anatrophic nephrolithotomy, Pyleloplasty, Uretric re-implantation, Repair of urinary fistulas, Open urethral reconstruction, Orchiopexy, kidney biopsy, dialysis along with Kidney transplants.

Common Conditions


  • Urinary Stones
  • Abdominal Pains
  • Urinary Obstruction
  • Abdominal Pain & Lumps
  • Infertility or Impotence


  • Muscle Cramps
  • Swollen Feet & Ankles
  • Foamy or Bloody Urine
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea


Continuous Medical Education (CME) is defined as the educational activities which serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance of physicians. Every urologist and nephrologist at Zoi hospitals regularly attends medical conferences and events to learn about relatively new areas in the developing field of pulmonology.

Zoi regularly conducts CMEs to enhance the skills of all surgeons and other healthcare providers. The CME missions facilitates specialists and other medical professionals to improve in their core areas of expertise.

CME Mission

  • To provide access to recent development of medical and clinical knowledge
  • To foster positive impact on patient outcomes and better medical management
  • To improve professional knowledge and medical skill on their respective areas


  • Andrology
  • Kidney Transplantation
  • Paediatric Urology
  • Urological Cancer


Zoi employs high standard equipment's for all departments that help us serve the patients better without financially burdening them



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Operation Theatre

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Patient Monitor

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X ray

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Doctors In Urology & Nephrology

Dr Sambasiva Rao Boduluri Urologist


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