Zoi Hospitals Welcomes Rotary Challa Blood Center

Zoi Hospitals is proud to announce the establishment of Rotary Challa Blood Center at the Somajiguda premises. The new addition at our Somajiguda hospital will increase access to safe blood to hundreds of people and also make it easier to donate for the residents of Hyderabad. The Rotary organization is known for its charitable work and we at Zoi are very happy that we get to have the only Rotary Blood bank in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, in our premises. This is one of the ways we get the opportunity to contribute to people.

In order to ensure safe blood, the Rotary Challa Blood Center acquires blood only from voluntary donors as replacement. The blood is then screened using the Chemi-Luminescence ImmunoAssay (CLIA) process for detecting any potential infections - therefore ensuring high quality of blood in the storage. This method can catch infections even as recent as 7 days ago as against other methods that can identify infections contracted a longer time ago.

As for people who are receiving the donated blood, a ‘Gel-Technology’ based cross matching test is done. This safety test eliminates any form of blood-related complications in the receiver mainly as allergic transfusion reactions making it safer to receive.

Blood donations are an essential part of any healthcare system. Did you know that Blood banks come under the Drug control Authority of India. Blood is the most essential ‘drug’ and the most regulated drug and can also be the most unregulated drug. At Zoi Hospitals, we are committed to making blood as a drug most safe and accessible.

You can do your bit by donating blood to save lives. More often than not, people face great difficulty in procuring blood, plasma and blood products. This was seen clearly in recent times during the pandemic. Actually, most people want to donate and are gratified when they donate blood. What stops them is possibly thinking someone else is doing it, or I will do it later, or just going with what is convenient at that moment. DOnating blood is actually very simple and fulfilling. It's time to break the inertia and to donate!

If 1% of the population donates blood, it can minimize blood shortage dramatically. 1 donor is saving 3 lives. Think about that and more importantly act.

To donate blood and for any information about it, at the Rotary Challa Blood Center at Zoi, call 040-48551898 or email us at rotarybloodcentre@zoihospitals.com


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