Zoi Hospitals Stands At 248 In FT Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies Ranking

We are proud to share that Zoi Hospitals, Hyderabad has been ranked 248 by Financial Times Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies!

With the COVID-19 crisis unfolding rapidly, most companies are experiencing a slump in growth and in some sectors, the growth has been arrested altogether. While the rankings were done before COVID hit the world, the list is indicative of those companies with buffers who may survive the fallout and that gives us hope.

Speaking on this accomplishment, Dr Ramesh Chandra Katragadda, MD at Zoi Hospitals said, "I thank all the stakeholders of Zoi Hospitals who have made this commendable achievement possible. At Zoi, we are constantly striving to achieve an alignment with our milestones and pushing our boundaries to accomplish them. I think this ranking is an indication that we are in the right direction.”

“Growth is not by mere chance or luck but it is the result of forces working together. I think that the growth of an organisation is linked to its people and I am really very glad to see Zoi Hospitals ranked among FT High-Growth companies”, said CA Chandrakala, Finance Manager at Zoi Hospitals.

Looking forward, Dr Sanjay Tapadia, Director, Zoi Hospitals says, “What is ahead is to strengthen our cash flows, create new revenue channels and expand into new service delivery platforms”.

Moreover, “the healthcare sector in India will witness exponential growth. Zoi Hospitals will be ahead of the curve because its leaders are driven by Sincerity of Purpose: they have created a culture of patient-centric excellence, with a  team that aspires to take the healthcare experience to a whole new level. Zoi’s sustainable growth potential is based on a solid foundation of Trust”, said Richard B Saldanha, Advisory Board Member of Zoi Hospitals.

Zoi Hospitals' unique approach to treatment of patients and intelligent design lends itself to offering great and affordable healthcare at reduced overhead costs. By focusing on acquiring expert staff and maximising patient's comfort, Zoi Hospitals has managed to get rid of all the extra frills that unnecessarily increase expenses.


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