Zoi brings to you Access to Bigger & Better Facilities

Zoi is a mid-sized speciality hospital, created with one significant mission. To give world-class and exceptional quality service in the matters of health, and treatment of disorders, disease, and dysfunction, to everyone. Much more accessible than corporate hospitals cost-wise and big on processes, expertise and quality, we are located in multiple locations and have been well known for Orthopaedics and Gynaecology in Attapur. With multiple specialities, advanced and useful technology and comprehensive facilities, we have been dedicatedly providing holistic care with compassion. We are expanding to make Attapur and its surrounding areas a healthier place. Zoi Attapur is now relaunching itself with more space, more specialities, more doctors, more facilities and more care. Growing with you and for you, always.

More Comprehensive Care

Experiencing comprehensive care is necessary to lead a productive and healthy life. At Zoi Attapur, we strive to extend our reach to as many patients as possible. Our 24/7 emergency trauma care provide services with efficiency and crucial expertise. Physical health not only affects your body but also your mind. At Zoi, you are given care that is organized and coordinated to meet your needs in terms of physical, emotional and cognitive health. Zoi’s main philosophy is to understand and empathize with distress and provide essential and sufficient therapy.

We have now shifted our Out-patient and Diagnostic services from the Zoi hospitals’ premise at Pillar 145 and Zoi Clinics at Pillar 128 to a bigger space in Attapur to not only provide more comprehensive care, have more specialities’ consultations available, but also to elevate your satisfaction of the experience to the best of our ability. The Pillar 145 hospital is now dedicated for enhanced Emergency and In-Patient services.

More Convenient Space

Have you ever felt the added pressure from a crammed hospital?

Space and convenience are essential for a hospital. The more spacious a hospital is the more at ease you will be. For your convenience we have moved to a bigger space where there is plenty of room and attention too.

Visiting a hospital is often stressful and anxiety inducing. The crowd and rush environment at the hospital can be distressful. But Zoi Attapur is now coming with more space and more convenience for you.

More Facilities

Zoi was the first in Attapur a fully loaded multi-speciality setup and to have DXA or BMD Scans. We added Digital X-ray, Fully Automated Lab, Lung Function Test, Audiology, Treadmill Test, Dietician, Rehab Devices, Optometry and so on to our already existing facilities. We have ensured state-of-the art facilities with advanced technology. The fully automated laboratories, online report availability, fully integrated diagnostic reporting with the hospital software, paperless digital patient records with complete security and privacy, even online billing provide all the necessary requirements at one place for you, often from your mobile.

Billing and registration is possible on each floor.

Your Zoi now brings you more access to facilities, technology and convenience.

More Doctors

Doctors are the heart of a hospital. We have doctors who excel in their specializations and serve with utmost patience and empathy. All the departments at Zoi Attapur set high standards for patient-care with qualified doctors in helping you experience a pain-free life. Now that Zoi has moved into a bigger space at Attapur, we have expanded our doctor panel too.

Each floor of Zoi Hospital Attapur is dedicated to different clinical fields. You can now visit your doctor without any hassle or inconvenience. With easy access to other specialties, Zoi New Block Hospital is a one stop for all your families needs.


We promise to keep serving you with empathy, expertise and commit to uphold the quality of health care and service along with the trust we got from you over the years, with our experience and constant upgradation. We shall continue to work towards providing holistic healthcare and treatments for you..


We offer comprehensive health check-up packages to check the overall functioning of different body systems. Below are more than 15 of the packages that we offer.

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