Lakshmi #GetsBackOnTrack with Zoi Hospitals

"Before the surgery, I couldn't walk properly as my knees used to hurt a lot. After the surgery I am even able to climb the bus on my own and do all tasks effortlessly," says Lakshmi, a happy patient.

As you grow older, orthopaedic problems are a natural thing.

Orthopaedic problems don’t simply appear. Instead, they slowly develop over time. Because of this, it’s common for them to start appearing as people age. A few are lucky and dodge any serious issues, but those cases are certainly rare. Whether it’s osteoporosis or joint replacement surgery, nearly everyone deals with something.

If you are concerned, it’s important to account for these problems now. Learning about your risk and what can compound issues can prevent serious injury down the road. Of course, orthopaedic problems aren’t like the rest. Very few are the result of genetics, but instead actions that you take every day. Whether it’s long hours at the computer or running in harsh conditions or the lifestyle changes which are everywhere now, the things you do or don’t do are what put you at risk. Taking action now is the best way to deal with these conditions, as prevention is often more effective than treatment.

The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Zoi Hospitals specialises in handling accident and trauma cases, joint and bone diseases and sports injuries that require advanced surgical procedures and physiotherapy for a complete repair.


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