A Film On Women's Menstrual Health & Hygiene-Padman

The biographical drama starring Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor & Radhika Apte based on the life of Tamil Nadu-based activist Arunachalam Muruganantham is not just a family entertainer but also comes with a very strong social message.

Padman has been making a buzz throughout the country since its filming because of the social cause it covers. The portrayal of the social stigma surrounding menstrual health and hygiene is depicted very realistically in the film.
Just ten minutes into the movie and you already connect to the feeling of isolation that women face on an everyday basis due to their menstrual cycle. Staying in a separate room, not entering the household, away from the family members, surrounded by loneliness for 5-7 days. These are all incidents that take place in every other household in India.
The film gives you clear reality check about the lack of accessibility of basic hygiene needs that the society does not give to its women. The concept of "periods" is wrapped in a cloth and awash with shame.
The whole experience of a woman going through her periods and how one man is determined to make that experience a comfortable one is what the movie is about.
Akshay Kumar who plays Lakshmi is motivated to make the lives of the women of his family comfortable. He goes to extreme lengths to make an extremely affordable and safe sanitary pad for all the women. He has only one vision, which is to help out the Indian women to have a safe and secure period. After years of struggle, his hard work pays off and his belief becomes reality, bettering the lives of hundreds of women by not only providing them a pad, but also an opportunity to be employed.
In the second half the script meanders as the director tries to add humour and a typical bollywood love angle to entertain the audience. Though the movie is predominantly about social cause, the flat out filminess in some dialogues makes the audience cringe. It is not an easy task to entertain the audience while addressing a serious social concern.
After "Toilet-Ek Prem katha", another movie with Akshay Kumar in the lead, with a strong social message. While we miss his Hera Pheri days a little, this isn't too bad either!
There is no doubt in saying that PadMan is a well researched film enhanced by the skilled actors who have played their roles well. It is a must watch for not just the central theme- menstrual hygiene for women, but also the fact that basic needs can be made accessible at a reasonable price. All it takes is determination.
We truly believe in bringing this change in women's lives, where they have access to basic needs and are not ashamed of going through a natural cycle. We support Padman for recognizing the efforts of a common man dedicated to solve women's problem, weaving a story around it and beautifying it with audio-visuals.


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