A Gynaecology Case Study On Recanalization After Tubectomy

Patient Profile

A 27-year-old woman came to Zoi Hospitals, Somajiguda, to meet the gynaecologist.
Her younger baby, who was just one year old, passed away in an unfortunate accident. Six months ago, she underwent a Tubectomy which is a permanent sterilization surgery in another hospital.

In 2017, the patient came to us because she wanted another child. We told her about Recanalization surgery which is a microsurgery to reverse the sterilization in the patient. We also explained to the patient about the risks involved as the surgery could have resulted in a Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy which is an emergency situation. After understanding the procedure and the risks involved, she bravely underwent the surgery.

The Challenge

We faced a challenge during recanalization. Both the tubes were badly damaged by the previous sterilization surgery. With utmost diligence, we recanalized both the tubes successfully.

Current Concern

Post surgery, we had instructed her to wait for 3 months to assess the success of the surgery. But within a month, she came back to us as she had missed her period. Hence, we were not able to conduct tests as planned to check the tubal function before the pregnancy.

The treatment

We gave her good antenatal care for those precious 9 months. Since she had a cesarean previously, this time too she underwent an elective C-section on 6th September 2018. She delivered a healthy baby boy weighing 2.6 KG.

Summary Of The Procedure

The outcome of tubal microsurgery depends on 3 factors:
A woman's general and reproductive health
The effect of sterilization procedure on the tubes
The technique and surgical skills used to anastomose the tube.

Apart from these factors, we found out that the age of the patient, the type of anastomosis, the length of the remaining tube after sterilization, the time period between sterilization and reversal procedure, all played a crucial role in the success of the operation.


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