Partial Knee Replacement FAQs

When part of the knee is damaged, only that part needs to be restored by opting for a Partial or Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement, saving the rest of the natural knee.

In the procedure, only 25% of the joint is resurfaced, leaving all the ligaments intact. It is an true resurfacing of the knee joint.

The few advantages of Partial Knee Replacement are:

  • A more natural fit, resulting in improved range of motion
  • Faster recovery and shorter hospital stay
  • A higher percentage of patients returning to sports and ability to walk longer
  • Complication rates are 70% lower than a Total Knee Replacement.

Yes, Zoi Hospitals is one of the first hospitals in South India to perform Computer Navigated Partial Knee Replacement. Our surgeries take place with some of the best technologies available, which is the Orthopilot. The device is designed to deliver the safest knee replacements with minimal invasion.

Basic movements like walking can be done once the patient comes out of anaesthesia. The patient can start climbing stairs comfortably after 2 weeks and other routine chores like office activities in 20 days. However, physical activities like running should only be started after 6 weeks from the surgery.

We believe in delivering the best of treatments at affordable prices. At Zoi Hospitals, you can opt for the surgery at Rs 1, 80, 000 Lakh (approximately).

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Facts & FAQs about Partial Knee Replacement

Benefits Looking forward for an active lifestyle after knee surgery?

Many patients who have undergone Partial Knee Replacement not only continue to maintain an active lifestyle after surgery, but also return to sports. They actively take part in swimming, golfing, light hiking, driving and dancing. With Partial Knee Replacement, you can pursue your active routine without restrictions.

Benefits Would you like to sit cross-legged at a family occasion?

Many patients who have undergone Partial Knee Replacement have reported that they are able to sit painlessly on the floor or squat easily. They have also said that other movements that have previously been painful are now pain-free.

Benefits Are you worried about undergoing Knee Replacement at a young age?

Partial Knee Replacement is usually performed on patients in the age bracket of 45-60 years. Performing a Partial Knee Replacement can potentially prevent a Total Knee Replacement because further damage to the knee can be prevented.

Not every surgeon is trained in Partial Knee Replacement.

Know your surgeon

Surgeon Ramesh Chandra KatragaddaDr. Ramesh Chandra Katragadda is a Harvard Fellow of Joint Replacement, and is one of the few surgeons in the country who excels at this complicated procedure, with 20 years of surgical experience.

More precise and safe results.
Advancing his craft further, he performs the surgery through computer-aided navigation, thereby making the surgery safer and more precise.

Surgeon Ramesh Chandra Katragadda

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