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From Surgery To Victory

It was a lazy Sunday morning, only until it wasn’t anymore. The players had pulled up their socks, the field was set, the goal post was ready to welcome some victorious goals. This is what a recently held football match at TAG – The American Grill by Zoi Hospitals was like. It turned out to be very interesting when the HADDI SAVERS, the health experts lost to their recovered ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) patients, the HADDI BREAKERS. Both the teams were cheered by their family and friends. A doctor’s mother, a colleague, a patient’s wife, all turned out for this fun event with a cause.

The match lasted for about an hour. The teams consisted of players ranging from a 20-year-old student to a 51-year-old scientist. Their commitment was loud and clear, to never give up and to not compromise.

The players had their torn ACL reconstructed by an advanced arthroscopic surgery done by the arthroscopic experts of Zoi Hospitals. The Key-hole surgery helped them pursue their passion for sports without any restrictions. The road to full recovery was as short as 6-8 months.

The game was not only a celebration of the fitness of the patients but also the spirit of their sportsmanship. Their journey from not being able to do or being cautious in doing daily tasks, to playing on-field competitive sports after ACL surgery was one to take inspiration from. Here’s a sneak peek at their success stories from the press meet that took place after the match.


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