Mr. Rahul Shyam (PT) Physiotherapist

Departments: Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Qualifications: BPT

Achievements:Dr Rahul has lead and participated in many basic and advanced conferences and workshops in the field of Orthopedic rehablitation. To name a few '' ACL injury rehabilitation by Dr Rahul (lead by him) in 2017", "PA Shoulder Rehabilitaion - An exercise oriented Biopsychosocio Approach by Dr Rahul ( led by him in 2018)'', Shoulder injuries Rehab- in overhead athletes - An eccentric load approach by Dr Peter Waxman in 2017'' , ''Instrument oriented soft tissue mobilization by Dr Mohd Khasim in 2016".


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Previous Experiences

7 years

Special Interests & Expertise

Orthopedic and Sports Injuries Rehabilitaion

About The Doctor

Dr Rahul has graduated from MNR's Sanjeevani College of Physiotherapy in the year 2013 , having been involved with treatment of many orthopaedic and sports injuries, over the years Dr Rahul has demonstrated a knack and a keen interest in the physiotherapeutic management of a diverse range of patient problems sticking to the norms of evidence based medicine which is very evident in his everday practise. He is quite sought after by patients from many places and tend to trust to him for the care he takes.
He is known for his passion for rock music he is a bass guitarist and the lead vocalist of a well known rock band in Hyderabad, quite a music afficanado, he is a passionate physio and rockstar.

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